UNMC (2016 – )

We are always on look out for talent. If interested, send us an email with your CV, and a brief statement why should you be a good fit for our laboratory. 


Katalin Koczok, MD, PhD – Cholesterol-Free Cooking Artist
Research Associate – E-mail Kati

Kati is a caring, knowledgeable laboratory medicine specialist-physician, with an impressive research portfolio. She is coming to Omaha form Debrecen, Hungary. Her quiet, deliberate demeanor hides an amazing skill set: she has an unparalleled knowledge of cholesterol metabolism disorders and genetic syndromes. She is investigating the interaction of Dhcr7 genotype and antipsychotic exposure with brain development. 


Swarup Mitra, PhD – Northern Chef
Postdoctoral Fellow – E-mail Swarup

Swarup is a dynamic, passionate and very knowledgeable, newly-minted PhD. After some impressive work of exploring the neurobiology of OCD in Fairbanks, Alaska he is joining the Mirnics-Korade laboratories in September of 2017. He is an expert on mouse behavior, and he will be investigating the effects of maternal immune system activation on the behavior of the offspring.


Allison Anderson, BS – Dining Room Manager
Research Technologist – E-mail Allison

Allison is a very nice, easy going, cheerful and hard working person. She keeps us in line and runs the laboratory with amazing efficiency. It is a pleasure to have her with us!