Data-driven research is often compared to fishing. Actually, there is a striking similarity – the same rules apply!

  • If you don’t go fishing, you won’t catch a fish.
  • You are never certain what will you catch.
  • To catch fish, you must wisely choose your equipment, bait and a fishing spot.
  • Once you start fishing around a “taken spot”, the other fishermen will try anything and everything to chase you away.
  • Once you start catching fish, everyone will want to fish at your fishing spot.
  • Don’t overstate the size of your catch.
  • Poor fisherman greatly outnumber skilled fisherman, but they usually don’t catch anything worth a meal. 
  • If you want to impress the tribe elders, you will have to catch, clean, cook and properly serve the fish.
  • When you talk to non-fishermen about your adventures, they will find them boring and they will rarely believe your stories.
  • Not everyone likes fish, fishing or fishermen.